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IP Telephony Solutions

IP Telephony and converged networks provide unified communications (voice, data, e-mail, video, fax, wireless, and applications) over the same computer network you use today. You can increase productivity by reducing lost time with unified communications. Direct your callers to the best resources. Reduce hold times and lost calls. Integrate with e-mail, voice mail, fax, CRM and ERP systems for efficient processing and generate reporting that will guide in tuning your system and focusing your staff. IP Telephony can also lower your telecom costs significantly.

SynClear has been implementing Voice over IP Telephony solutions since 2000, and has designed, implemented, and manages some of the largest installations in New England. We also work closely many major carriers and can give you a complete telecom cost and performance analysis review to help determine your best options. We are happy to offer this analysis at no charge!

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